Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update on the Newby Family

I know it has been forever since I posted anything but I have been SO busy since school started.

Kendrick and Bryton are really enjoying daycare! It feels like every time I pick them up they get smarter and smarter and grow more and more. I miss being able to spend every day with them but I am very pleased with the care they are getting at the daycare and would recommend it to any one who is in need of one! Kendrick is fully potty trained (except throughout the night time) and Bryton thinks he is ready to start potty training. I love my boys they are so smart and cute and have such great imaginations. Brytons 2nd birthday is in two weeks! EEK! I can't believe he is going to be 2!!!

Sadie is HUGE now! She is such an angel, and a good baby! Her Great-grandma Dot usually watches her throughout the week (and sometimes on the weekend lol). Its good for Grandma Dot to be able to enjoy Sadie like she has been. Mom gets her usually one day a week depending on what all is going on and if Grandma has plans. She will be 4 months old on the 10th! Before we know it she will be a year old and running around with the boys!

Leslie is doing well. He is working weekends at a Bar and Grill called "the Watering Hole" He is a cook and he enjoys it. He is also the student worker for the guy in charge of the HCC T.V. channel on cable. He is learning to be the camera man and he is being learning how to direct. He is really enjoying it. He is doing really well in school and even though I know I don't tell him enough I am very proud of him for sticking with it and getting into some stuff that he enjoys doing. I don't know grades on tests or anything (cause he hasn't told me lol) I just know he is doing really well and I am proud of my hubby!

I am working my butt off! It seems like a lot in one day. I get up and get everyone ready, take the boys to daycare and Sadie to Grandma Dots, then I go to class and the rest of the day is reserved for homework and running errands. Sometimes the hubby and I get to sneak away from a nice lunch just the two of us and catch up on our week which is wonderful! I have a little working gig once a week I go to Walgreen's and work on some greeting cards for Papyrus Recycled Greeting (owned by American Greetings) its a fun little job and I enjoy it. Starting Monday (Oct 4th) I am going to be working at the college in the admissions building helping people with computer questions and helping people register for their classes and such. Its going to be great! I can not wait to be back in the working field! And I will get to be around PEOPLE!!!! WOOHOO! I am excited! So far (keeping fingers crossed) I have made ALL A's on my tests! I am so incredibly proud of myself! I really didn't think I was going to be this good lol but I always manage to surprise myself hehe.

Another crazy thing that has happened. Our Landlord came over a few days ago to discuss a leak we had and we were talking about when our lease will be up and he offered to SELL us the house! I was floored!! I couldn't believe what he was offering. Whether we will buy it or not I don't know, we haven't talked about it as much as we should and we haven't talked to the landlord since he made the offer. It was incredible though. I would LOVE to own this house. I absolutely LOVE it. It only needs a couple of minor things done and one major thing done to it to make it more energy efficient. I don't know, it is an amazing offer and the price is great I just don't know if we could really afford it. Oh well, if this is what God wants for us it will all work out.

Well I think that's all the news and updates on the Newby Family. I am going to try and do if not a weekly, a monthly update kind of like a newsletter deal to let everyone know how we are doing and whats new in the world of Newby!
Every one take care and have a good weekend!

Stephanie and the Peanut Gallery!