Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a Nerd

Well its official! I am a college student and I start my classes on Monday!!! WOOHOO go me!

I am so ridiculously excited its insane! I'm taking Pre-Algebra (blah) and Computers (which will be a breeze) and Human Services Survey which I have no clue about, its kind of like an introduction to my major, and Strategies for Academic Success, which is a mandatory class that I have to take. So I have a full schedule, tomorrow we go get our books and supplies and this weekend I get to do LAUNDRY lol.

The boys start their daycare Monday also, which is fun. I will probably cry lol.
My boys are growing up so fast, its sad.

Sadie went to the doctor today for her 2 month check up. She is 10lbs 13oz and almost 22in long. The doctor was extremely pleased with how active she is and how well she is holding her head up and everything.
We get to start her on baby food next month, and when she is 13lbs we start putting cereal in her bottles. Its crazy to think she is ALREADY ready for baby food!! It feels like I JUST had her still :-( It is insane how fast your kids grow up man. Before I know it she will be 1 and walking. ahhh  I think I am going to cry now lol.

Well those are the updates....will write more when I have more to share!

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