Monday, August 9, 2010


Well one week from today my husband and I start school, I'm excited and a little nervous.

The boys will be starting daycare for the first time ever in their lives (aside from the nursery at church) and I am a little nervous about that my boys are quite spoiled and not used to being around other children their age (at least not a lot of kids their ages).
I am sure they  will be fine as they love people and love to play. Sadie will be going to moms which I am not worried about at all hehe.
Tomorrow I go for my compass test that I have to retake so I can schedule my classes on Wednesday.

Wednesday is Sadie's two month appointment at the doctor. I can not wait to see how big she is and everything. We also go and schedule our classes and get our books and supplies. I am so excited to get a hoodie! The college hoodies are the most comfortable sweatshirts in the WORLD! I know its pathetic to be excited about a sweatshirt but what can I say? I'm a dork all the way around lol.

Thursday we go for Brytons hearing test to see if he still has fluid in his ear after his one and only ear infection back in May. If he still has fluid he will more than likely have to get tubes in his ears to drain the fluid and all that fun jazz. I am NOT looking forward to that :-/

Friday Sadie has to have her first set of shots, poor baby. Bryton also has to get one more shot before he can go to daycare. Shots are the worst part. I hate seeing my kids in pain, and having to be somewhat cold hearted so I can make it through them is horrible to me. Oh well, such is life!

As I said a very busy week ahead as the excitement is getting bigger about starting school, so is the nervous stomach lol. I know that to most people this doesn't matter, but I haven't posted in a while and really haven't had much to write about lately.

OH! I'm a dork!
Bryton is starting his potty training! He wont be 2 until October, and he has been watching Kendrick potty training and has decided that he is a big boy just like his big brother! I am so proud of him. He has gone potty four times in the last 4 days! Hopefully soon we will only be buying diapers for Sadie and that is a HUGE relief on the budget lol.

Well I think I have gotten down all of the new news and such. Thanks for reading my ramblings hehe.

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