Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Days

Is it sad that I actually feel 23 now?
I mean having three kids to take care of on a daily basis (which I love) has made me feel so old and unattractive.
Since starting my classes yesterday, I actually feel like I'm 23 and not 83. I am loving it! I just finished my 4th class this afternoon and I am so ready for more classes tomorrow (even though tomorrow is just math).

The boys are doing good in daycare. Yesterday was really hard on Bryton because he has never been away from me like that. The poor thing did NOT like me last night after my night class (which he spent with his mamaw) until we gave him an ice cream sandwich lol. Nothing like a little sweetness to make a little one happy again.

Kendrick on the other hand LOVED going to daycare (or school as he calls it) when I dropped him off yesterday morning his class was outside playing. He took off as soon as he saw the swings and slides. I had to repeatedly ask him for a kiss before I would leave lol.
This morning Kendrick threw a little fit but not bad. I think if they had been outside again he would have been fine but thats ok. He needs to just get used to being dropped off in his room.
Bryton surprised me by NOT throwing a fit when I left this morning (could have something to do with the fact that he didn't see me leave the room lol)

Sadie spent time with Grandma yesterday and with her great grandma today.

I can't wait to go get my boys from daycare and love on them and make them a yummy dinner tonight!
This takes a lot of getting used to but I really think we will all benefit from this in the end.

Well thats all for today I need to buckle down and get some reading done. I have a 300 word essay due thursday on a bunch of random useless issues lol.
write more when I have the time.

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