Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Love My Kids!

Well, Kendrick has been pottying for 4 days now and has only had 2 accidents! I am so totally proud of my son! Part of me is hoping that Bryton will follow suit and go ahead and start potty training, but as I learned with Kendrick I will not push him, I will let Bryton tell me when he is ready to potty like a big boy!

Earlier this evening the boys and I indulged in pizza and a movie (Puss in Boots) they were so amazed at the grown ups in costumes I can still hear Kendrick saying "look at the cat! Its a kitty cat!" too cute. Just as the movie was ending the boys decided to play "ring around the rosey" without the song of course lol. I was just sitting there watching them spin around and around and then laying themselves on the floor undoubtedly to watch the ceiling spin, and I couldn't help but think how blessed I am to have such wonderful children.
Kendrick is smart beyond his age and can take just about anything apart lol. He is a brilliant child. Bryton is so innocent and sweet and has the most georgous grin you have ever seen on a little boy!
Sadie is a princess, who--I've been told--is starting to look more like me. Yay!! I was beginning to think I got cheated out of the gene pool in all of my kids lol.

I have been thinking a lot about my role as a parent lately because of all these parents neglecting their children and leaving their kids in the car in the middle of summer so they can go and do whatever they want and killing their child in the process. I am sickened by the thought that any one person can be so selfish as to do something like that to their child(ren). I will never understand (nor am I meant to I guess) what could possibly go through a parents mind that justifies these actions.

My kids are my life. Granted they drive me up the wall on a daily basis, but when they are off visiting a grandparent or other family member, even just for an afternoon, I miss them like crazy! I wouldn't trade the crazyness for ANYTHING in this world! I love teaching them, and watching them teach themselves, and watching their creativeness and their imaginations. Bryton, for instance, loves to play dress up, he is teaching himself to dress himself and watching that learning process is soooo darn cute! Granted he likes to put shorts on his head and he loves to wear mommy and daddys clothes but it is still a fun thing to watch. Kendrick is teaching himself to potty. Kendrick is extremely smart (as I have mentioned a million times lol) and only needs tiny nudges in the right direction, otherwise he teaches himself. Homeschooling him would be a breeze! Unfortunetly right now homeschooling isn't really an option as I myself have to go to school and get a career to help support these wonderful smart kids!

I have been rambling about my kids long enough for this time. I shall go and attempt to get my little smarty pants to bed it is wayyyy past their bed time!

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