Sunday, July 18, 2010

Should Be Sleeping

Well, it is 12:17am and I should be in bed asleep because my kids will be up early, but for some strange reason I am wide awake. I am anxious about starting school in the fall. That is assuming I get to go. See, when I was 17 I went to college for a year, well kind of. I went to the classes when I felt like it and skipped out when I didn't feel like it. Now, because of my stupidity then, I have to go through a TON of red tape to be able to go back. I am waiting on the letter from the school after they consider my proposal for letting me go back. That one letter will determine my future. Its a scary thought, like "what if they don't let me go back?" I have attempted to go back a few times in the past, but when it came to the appeal I had to fill out I always found an excuse not to go to school right then and there. I was working or I was working and had kids to take care of, just crazy reasons to put off my education. Well I have decided this time that I can't afford NOT to go back to school. For a long time I could never decide what kind of career path to take, I am doing my favorite kind of career, I am a stay at home mom. But after lots of thinking and consideration I decided that I love kids and I want to help people and one of the best ways to do that is to be a Social Worker. So boom! That is what I am going to go to school for. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for the two weeks or so it takes them to consider my proposal in hopes that I can go to school this fall.
I have it all planned out. I will take morning classes, and the boys will go to a daycare and Sadie will go to grandmas. I want the boys to go to daycare so they will have a chance to interact with other kids their ages and be able to learn all at the same time. Sadie is too young to go to daycare so grandma and grandpa get to spoil her three-four days a week hehe.
I am especially proud of my husband for overcoming his fears and going to college this fall too. He is going for Criminal Justice in the Loss Provention field. He has been through a lot in his life and has never had the support that he has needed and craved to help him along and I have tried to convince him that he CAN do something with his life and that he needs to ignore all the negative things he had been told as a child/teen. I am very very proud of him for taking this step and I am excited to be going to school with him this fall! We are a couple of college kids with three kids lol.

Well I need to try and get some sleep, morning time comes awefully early with three little ones! Stay tuned to read about the saga of the letter from school.
Peace Out!

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